Uphill Ponders

Sometimes, it takes a hangover to grab your ass somewhere and be able to actually think about stuff. Ever since I’ve been working on a company, work has been a daily routine. You wake up, go to the office, fix websites/make websites, you go home, and all those all over again the following day. Sometimes, this type of routine makes you forget about all the other essential things. I need to re-assess my path. I need to think about where I’m going in the near future. I need to know if everything I’m doing right now is what I really wanted or needed.

Today, I did just that. On a very laid-back part of the city, strong wind brushing through my face, fresh air, and a very lovely scenery—everything was a perfect setup. Sat there for a few hours and thought about a lot of stuff. What really is my goal in life? Why am I doing all these things that I’m doing now? How do I get hold of these goals? It was enlightening! After all the hectic schedule during the stretch of the week, I finally get to sit down and just think . . . just think.

Lovely view uphill

Many people don’t have the luxury of kicking in this type of activity on their busy schedules. I suggest you guys try and fit one to yours.

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