Every once in a while, I retreat.
I discern, detach from the world, into my cave–
With a pen, a notebook, and some tea, coffee, or beer as my companion;
And music as my only escape.

I ponder, I think.

. . .

Ze Cat Ponders

But seriously, it’s one of those times when I wish I knew the answers to all my questions. What will happen? If I make this decision, what are the ramifications? How do I go around this wall? Where am I heading with all these things that I’m doing now?

It took me walks, places, and around many faces–poring through prints hoping I’d somehow get an epiphany. Losing sleep, skipping meals, ditching plans and all. It’s gonna take some more of that, after which I hope I could come up with viable solutions.

But even in the midst of all these, I try best to remind myself that in order to sit on top of the tree, first we have to sow the seeds. It’s the only belief I hold steadfast. Hoping that in the end, good will come out of all these, not only for myself, but also for all the people around me that matters.