Still Alive! Very much Alive and Kicking!

So I finally got the means and time to grab the keyboard and revamp my personal blog. This has been on queue long enough already that I nearly got to the point of leaving this on the side road. But some force lit a lamp and showed me the way. Anyway, it’s great to be writing again.

Two years have passed since I last published, and a lot of things had happened. For one, I got hooked up with the girl I’ve been waiting for more than 3 years (I’ll write this down on another post); I’m finally working at the comfort of my own home; a lot of gigs came and went; and a whole lot more. Time has both been rough and nice at the same time, and I have learned a great deal of lessons along the way. Finally, I now know the path I’m heading to, and I can’t wait to tread along that road.

This is the start of another chapter in my books, and I’ll gladly share it to the world. Maybe somebody might learn something from it, maybe somebody gets entertained by it. Whatever the repercussions, I’m hoping they all be positive.

Hello, and good day, everyone. 🙂

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