Sleep–I can do this! Or maybe not.

It’s one of those nights where I find myself having a hard time sleeping. I tried sleeping early, but it just didn’t happen. There are a lot of things running on my mind lately, and one of those is getting that Nexus smartphone. Yeah, after all those time, I finally succumb to the thirst of getting a smartphone. Before, I never cared in getting one, until I came across this video:

Yup, I got sold. Now, how to get hold of one . . . .

Anyway, I love my keyboard now. It’s about time I did something to take care of my fingers and fingernails. A better keyboard means better state for the fingers–less stress. And I just love how typing feels now. Yup, bought a new keyboard for only P150.00. And I also added an additional P75.00 for a keyboard protector. The keyboard protector is just some kind of rubber you put on top of the keyboard to protect it from liquid, food crumbs, and what not, from slipping in between the keys. From experience, I had a keyboard before which got broken because of food crumbs falling in between the keys. The food crumb didn’t break the keyboard, but it were the hundreds of ants that went inside the keys for the food crumb. I had to open up the keyboard and render it unusable after that. Also, I hate seeing dirt, hair or any cotton-like substance building up beneath the keys. It’s just so irritating to see. At first, I try blowing it out; and then when that doesn’t work, I bang the hell out of it on the table.

Okay, I still can’t sleep. I also bought some magazines at some bookstore in one of the malls here in the city; and the bookstore was aptly called Book Sale. Books and magazines there were sold at an amazingly very cheap price. I now see myself frequenting that outlet every week. And coming along with that is me cutting down on weekend night outs. It’s just that, I couldn’t believe myself spending a whole lot of dough for two consecutive nights. And all that for chugging down the money down my abdominal drain. Very disappointing, indeed.

Okay I’m gonna try and get some sleep now. Or I could just wait it out ’til 4am. Oh god.

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