PH Elections is Near, Circus Clowns Run Loose

Elections here in the Philippines is coming close. You can smell it in the air. As usual, all these politicians come parading like a bunch of monkeys. Take for instance this guy below:

* VP Binay earned flak from netizens as he fed a child with his bare hand.

My apologies to all supporters of this candidate, but this does not help your candidate look good at all. I mean, look at the hand and the child’s face for crissake. I wanna see him do that everyday of his term for 6 years if he IS to become president of this country. Nope, no way you’re getting my vote. Not to mention all the controversies this guy is facing at the moment, and not showing up at any senate hearing regarding all those allegations? Boy oh boy, not my vote.

How ’bout you guys? Still voting for this clown?

Source: VIRAL: Binay feeds child by hand, earns flak from netizens – The DailyPedia

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