Our Little Canine

We got ourselves a lion! Okay it’s a Terrier—not so sure of the specific breed. It’s given to us by one of our good friends, Doc Francis (his girlfriend, Candice, to be exact). We love dogs ever since childhood. We have our own dog stories to tell, just like everybody else has their own dog stories to tell.


That’s Bailey. We named her after this fella down here:

The original Bailey

See the resemblance?

The thing about dogs is that they’re very loyal and affectionate creatures. We used to have rabbits, fishes, and a tarantula (which is still alive and spinning right now). But all they are are just decorative pets. We gave rabbits a try but all those poker faced fur-balls did was just hop around, drop wastes, urinate, and eat all your stuff—slippers, shoes, washing machine (yes, they were rabbits and not dinosaurs). Dogs on the other hand, they’re like humans with fur. After stressing out on work (my wife and I work at home), we go out and play with the little fella and it relieves us from the stress.

These canines are somehow taken for granted since we see them all around everyday, but after all the pets we’ve tried, these guys really lived up to their names as man’s best friend.


  1. Pareha ta kapatid, ako pud palangga kau nako ako beagle. Kiss sa lips goodnight everynight! hehe! tapad pa gyud tulog pirme. Maka wala jud sila sa stress.

    Complete na sa vaccines si Bailey? Unsa imo dog food niya?


    1. Hahahaha! Unsa’y ngalan sa imong Beagle, Jez? Taud2x na pud ko wala naka-alaga ug iro. Last time kay 2012 pa to. Hehe. Nag-alaga mi ug klase2x nga mananap, pero lahi ra jud ang iro.

      Pila na edad sa imong Beagle?

      Wala pa ni siya na-vaccinate, dal-on pa namo sa vet and mangayo advice. Hehe. Beef Pro for puppies among bahog sa karon. Imo?


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