Next Course: Life 101

By the end of the day, you stand up on a plane, step back, probably grab a few lights, taking a clear view of all the things you’ve done so far, and all the things you went through from that very moment you’re standing and stretching all the way back as far as your memory could grasp. There may be times when you would say you’ve done enough and maybe it’s time for you to get some rest, having this vivid image of success, accomplishment, and content. But then when you withdraw your attention from that, and from some impulse it crosses your mind to turn your head in the other direction, after which a few seconds later you decide to turn your body in that direction and give an inquisitive look into the future, you realize you can’t comprehend the countless list of things you still have to go through.  All you could do afterwards is gaze at that vast horizon of all the myriad of possibilities that could happen in your life.

Good night, you guys. Tomorrow is another day. Let’s tackle it one at a time. 😉

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