Funny when you say you’re not gonna go out again at the moment you’re having a really bad hangover, and then when things get a little better you think about where to go to again on the coming weekend night-out. :Lol:

Here at work–battling a slightly terrible hangover, and making up for the almost-an-hour tardiness.

Somebody invited me over a gig tonight. It’s a College Rock gig something. Decided not to go out anymore. My mind is numb now, and body needs to rest. It’s all because of this 6am schedule.

Another update to the blog! Earlier this morning, I found out that the post date, found somewhere here on the left, display on each post entry. It looks very redundant and annoying when you post a lot of entries in a day. So I thought of fixing that by displaying the post date of only the latest entry of that day.

And so I did fix it, apparently. :pow:

Okay I feel like crashing for bed now. I now somehow feel satisfied. Finally!

Still Working

Did another update to the Journal Section of this blog. I made it so that every journal entry would post the exact time of publish. And this happens to only journal posts; all my other regular posts won’t show the time.

Now this is a lot more like the journal notebooks I had during college years.

Still feeling restless. Perhaps, even disturbed. It’s past midnight. Now I’m thinking about the fact that I’m supposed to wake up at 4:00am later.

Ideas Stemmed from Uneasiness

And so I find myself uneasy tonight. Of the many things running over my head, I find it hard to pin-point which is the root of it all.

It’s during these times when I become restless. And in several occasions during these restlessness, I find myself productive.

Tonight, I was able think about putting a page on this blog where I could dump particular posts. There are posts which I would like to share and spread, but there are also posts where I just want to throw them out whenever I feel the need of doing so. It’s kinda like the ones you typically find on a journal. Thus, the Journal page.

I figured out which files to edit, which codes to tinker, and what approach to use in order for these post to appear on one particular page, and not on the others–this includes the Archives page. And I was able to come up with those in less than an hour.

It also seems like this stemmed out from the need or, perhaps, the feeling of steering away from posting random stuff on the various social networking sites.