Last Saturday, June 3, we went to Dahilayan Forest Park for the first time. Everything was going great. Country side ride is always a very relaxing pastime. But going uphill near Dahilayan Forest Park, rain started to pour (or was pouring for some time already before we got there). We went to one of the resto in the place, and some minutes later, a bolt of light exploded a few minutes near where we were drinking our hot choco! It was very loud, white, and sparkly. It was the first time I experienced a lightning hit. Good thing we weren’t directly hit. We were a few meters away, but we can still feel the electrical sensation in our spines.

Love, Lessons, and Memories on a Long Weekend

This long weekend has been a fulfilling one. Spent the whole 4 days with the family. Saturday, was finally able to change the brake pads. The C-clamp worked like a charm. Dined out with the wife and lil kiddo, went inside this dinosaur themed playground inside Centrio Mall, and hung out at this coffee shop that served this really creamy pure hazelnut frappe which I dig very much.

Sunday, we woke up early and went on a road trip all the way to a Mangrove reserve and spent lunch time there. Wallowed a bit, but didn’t stay long since the water’s not that high. After that, we checked out this Forest park and saw that the waves are too strong. So we made a last stop at Lohas Airport Hotel. The pool’s nice (they have 10ft deep part), and the view is just lovely. I get to see the sea, cool breeze brushing through my face, vape in my hand, and the laughter and joy of my wife and kid—couldn’t trade that with anything else.

Monday, went to cemetery to visit our departed loved ones. Met two old women who recognized me from when I was still a little kid. And that felt really warm since I don’t have any grandparents left anymore. That’s as far as I get to be reminded of how it feels like to still have my grandparents around. After that, we ate at S & R and ended up bloated. Later in the afternoon, I visited an old friend—a vape juice maker. Literally an old expat who helped me a lot when I first started vaping. Listened to his story about his wife and the recent events that took place in his life. Learned a lot from having conversation with this guy all the time. Finished it off by buying juice, cottons, and some coils from him—leaving with smiles and promises that I’d still come back soon to remain as one of his loyal customers.

Tuesday, which is today, we went back to the Mangrove reserve with my wife’s family and spent time there. The water’s still low, but we still enjoyed the company—something that we rarely get to do nowadays that’s why me and my wife are still thankful. After that, my wife, our lil kiddo, and I spent the rest of the afternoon at Lohas Airport Hotel, and just enjoyed the last day of our long weekend there. This time, there were a lot of Koreans there which is kinda interesting to look at as they made the place lively.

While driving home, we thought of buying some fish at a wet market in Opol since we heard they sell fishes at a really affordable price compared with the city proper price. We got some Tilapia which we grilled later for dinner. Now I’m ending the long weekend with tea, and some old songs while I write down this blog.

It’s during these times when I get to be reminded why I toil day and night on all the other days of the year. And it’s times like these which remind me that all the work I did was worth it.

I upgraded the firmware of my XCube II earlier today. Before, it shows v 1.06. Now, it reads v 1.098. And I have to say, it functions pretty well now. The ramp up time is much faster compared to before. And they added a Min and Max mode, when before it was just Soft, Normal, and Hard. Also noticed that the fire time starts the second you click the fire button. I’m so glad I finally took the time to upgrade this mod.

I notice in online forums that there are a lot of people who experience issues when upgrading. I did it once, and everything went well.

Four days have passed, and I’m still pretty pleased with my Avocado 24. Can’t wait to buy new juices from Space Vapor and see how that goes!

One of the themes that I’ve been working on since last week has now been approved in ThemeForest. Bosses congratulated me, and all I could do is be thankful. It’s not everyday you have bosses who pay close to attention to your work. I’m pretty pleased with myself also because ThemeForest follows this strict standard, and my work passed their standard! For that I give myself a star. 😀

Yesterday, I bought a new tank—the Avocado 24! I’ve been dreaming to have this for quite some time already. When I saw a seller on Friday posting about the tank on a very reasonable price, I couldn’t help thinking about it. But I was having second thoughts on getting one since I was kinda short on cash. Fortunately, my wife told me to buy it telling me we can still go by with the money we have. So I went out and bought it the following day.

Now, it’s just right next to me looking gorgeous sitting on top of my XCube II. I’m really thankful my wife supports my hobbies. 😀

Tea is Life!

Today, I decided to drink tea again. This time, I’m having Lipton’s Black and Green tea. Back then, I used to buy Susan Baker’s Pure Ceylon tea, not much because of preference, but more so because of the price. Susan Baker tea was very much cheaper, probably the cheapest you’ll find in the market at the time.

Yesterday, I was looking for the same tea I was long accustomed to, but I had no luck on finding one. Instead, the next cheapest brand that I found was Lipton (at least if you’re looking for pure green tea and black tea). Bought the Black tea yesterday, and my god was I surprised with the taste. Why haven’t I been drinking this all those time?? I like it because of it’s dark taste, one in which I was accustomed to with my Pure Ceylon tea which I infuse for countless minutes. :Lol: I love the taste of black tea. Found out later on that it has more caffeine compared to green tea (half of that found in coffee, which is definitely what I’m looking for to keep me up during work hours). Then I thought, this wouldn’t suite well at night time because caffeine equals insomnia. And so I thought of getting a milder alternative which is the green tea. And as I was reviewing the differences between green tea and black tea, it struck me that green tea is the perfect alternative to when I’m not using black tea. Green tea is known to be more beneficial with health probably by some degree compared to black tea. But the research isn’t definite, so black tea would serve me well in health benefits as well as green tea will. Plus, black tea will keep me up during the whole stretch of the day! So black tea is my new go to variety of tea. And if I feel like going milder, then I always have the green tea stocked in my container. 🙂

Hoping to keep this up from hereon!

The weekend was a tough one. Been to two consecutive gigs for Bam Roa’s fundraising gig. Had to attend both gigs because I was assigned the video editing job. So since Thursday night, I haven’t had enough sleep. Been to my cousin Ian’s house and asked help from him with the editing job. And I had to say, with the limited amount of time given to us, we did a pretty good job.

My body took it’s toll on Sunday. My voice is gone, and my body feels heavy. So last night, I slept early, and woke up later than my usual waking up time. But I feel much better now. I hope that was the last of it.