June 05, 2020—I will mark this day as one of the biggest milestones in my life and career as a programmer. It is to be the first time in my life to own a pretty powerful laptop. And no, I didn’t buy a new one. I’m still writing this entry in the very laptop I purchase almost 5 years ago. The difference now is that after all those years of yearning, I was finally able to upgrade the memory to double the size of the original!

5 years ago, I thought I already had the most powerful workstation in my possession. But later in life I have found out that 8GB is not all that big of a deal when it comes to my line of work. It is a good start. But with all the demands of my work as of date, 8GB was like my 2GB back in the days of desktop computers and Windows 7.

Earlier today, I gave it a test run. I did my usual work, opened all the apps that I usually use, and intended to try and hog up all the memory I can with all the work that I do, but so far, all it managed to do was used up a little over half of the full capacity. I was soaring! My laptop has never been smoother and more buttery. It felt like Nirvana. And I can’t wait for the rest of the days to come working on this machine.

Recently, my wife and I had the epiphany of needing to improve our work setting. It is, indeed, the very device that is keeping this family alive. And it is about time (almost 5 years in my case) to finally able to decide to do an upgrade. Because prior to this week, we had 2 weeks worth of hell with our internet connectivity. All that stress made work such a torture. Coming out of that experience, we vowed never to take our work environment for granted. Having a conducive work space and an excellent tool to work with is such a luxury at this day and age. With all the chaos happening around the world, we don’t need another stressor to deal with.

Now all that’s left is to for me to wait 60 to 90 days more before my replacement battery ships. I wonder how that’s going to feel.

My wife got her iPhone 8+ today. Very happy for her. I truly am. I’ve always wanted the best for her. Now she’s got a phone that she can be proud of owning.

It’s been a long time since I last had some political discourse online. Earlier this morning, saw this thread in Facebook where people had been arguing about the Bam Aquino – Mocha Uson senate hearing exchange regarding the Fake News subject and something about asking the side of the person they blogged or reported about. In this thread, there are a lot of opposing views and opinions, and I can’t help but feel nauseous reading them.

As I said, I used to engage in debates online, but most of the people I argue with are adults who had a lot of sound opinions regarding the subject at hand. Even if we have opposing opinions, some of their comments are sound (some are just plain trolls). But these days, majority of the ones I see online are arguments coming from the younger generation. And I can’t help but notice that all of them sound as if they are the ones correct (insert all the expletives) and the opposing ones are wrong. Reading the comments makes me feel like throwing up. And that reminded me why I stopped engaging in political debates online. I saw myself in them a couple of years back, and it doesn’t look good. Looks cheap.

Although I do have my side regarding the topic, I chose to keep it to myself. And if I did want to comment about it, I can always blog about it. But never will I stoop down to debating with other people online—it’s just unappealing and childish. They think they sound mature and they know it all, but from a third-person point of view, it sounds cheap. Whew!

Had a look at my latest journal entry, and I just realized that my Rappoo wireless mouse barely made it for half a year. Whew! I need to get a better mouse, and one that’s still 5G.

First day of work with my new Rapoo wireless mouse. So far, so good. Maybe this WILL work for my setup after all. 😀

Today, I bought a new mouse. Rapoo 5GHz. I had some issues with my previous mouse. I’m hoping this one will finally be the one that works for me.

Bought this one because of the 5G feature. My other mouses are 2.4GHz, and I’ve had issues with one of them. Hopefully this one takes care of those previous issues.

Also bought a sunbreaker jacket. I’m not sure if I’m correct, but that’s what they call it. Oh yeah, forgot to mention—I’ve been on a jogging streak now for 2 weeks or so already. That’s the one reason why I bought the jacket. Lately, it has been raining early in the morning, so I had to use my old hoodie, which is heavy because it’s a thick one. And so I decided to look for one I could use for my runs. Even if it rains, I’ll still be able to jog with the jacket on.

Speaking of jogging, I’m pretty glad I’ve been running again. It’s one of those things that’s long overdue. I’m constantly getting bigger and heavier. And when I looked online, I’m way past the overweight line. Last I checked, I was 86 kg. And probably even heavier. Now that I’ve been running, my weight went down to 80.7 kg as of this morning. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks and months, I’ll finally get in shape. Then maybe I’d get to enjoy mall sales. 😀

It’s been a day since we came back from a 5 day trip to Davao. But still, it feels like I never left the place. Those 5 days were wonderful. Family, relatives, my wife, and our little Gigi—it was such a wonderful trip and one that’s forever etched in my memories. It’s one of those times when I get reminded that a little unwinding every now and then is always a perfect idea.

Car’s clutch pressure plate broke down the other night. Had to have it fixed today. I hope when they put it all back together, it’s still in tip-top shape.