From unwinding, to getting hammered

It was a Saturday, but we still had to go to the office. Well, we just had to since urgent matters in the company dictate that we have to do so. To make things better, I had to cope up with having a slim 2-hour sleep the other night; so you could just imagine how my world floated while working on a mentally straining project.

Work was done for the day, and I thought of grabbing a bottle of beer or two at some bar near the office just so I could take the stress off of my mind for a while. And I want to stress out that this does help–you just have to have the right reason for doing so. If you have the right reason, you know your dosage, and you have a firm control over yourself, it would be healthy. This wasn’t the case last night though.

Fate had to step in last night and magically stir up circumstances and station along my path people that would bring the death of me. Yeah, I just had to bump into close friends and end up getting hammered afterwards. Hah!

Now as I woke up, still groggy and all, I tried to recall the things that happened. And I see flashes of images of me laughing hard; talking to friends, saying something stupid, and laughing harder; walking into this gig nearby without paying; talking to people and not remembering what the conversation was about; some people calling out my name and me not knowing who they were; and oh, there’s this elegant, young German lady I met, and because I was sufficiently poisoned already, I just had to leave the premises and grab a few bites with the friends. I was still gentleman enough to say goodbye though.

At this very hour, I swore never again would I lay my hand on any hard spirit . . for a time. I know myself too well to know those plans won’t last that long. :LOL:

Anyway, it’s a Sunday! Detox day. I found this place a week ago where nature just takes you into her cradle and you just can’t help but be awed by the sight of her beauty and tenderness in adopting industry. Planning to take a few snaps of the place today.

Leaving you and your Sunday with a very beautiful song from Up Dharma Down entitled “Sana”. Enjoy! 😉


  1. bang! sir marion bai! nosebleed! hahaha


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