Early Morning Brisk Walk

Went out yesterday for an early morning walk. I haven’t done this in a long time, so I’m expecting all kinds of body aches the following day, which is today. I hate to be right this time, but yes, I’m experiencing these all sorts of body ache today.

I went on a good 7.53km. brisk walk from home all the way to one of my favorite spots here in the city. Haven’t taken pictures though. Probably gonna be doing that next time.

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Going on these jogs/walks sometimes give you realizations. Realizations like, “sometimes, to reach a destination/goal, you walk to it. Because if you run, you might get tired enough to think of quitting. Walking on the other hand reserves enough energy for you to get to where you’re going.” It’s sort of like the fable of the rabbit and the turtle.

Planning to make this a regular routine but with different routes like I used to. Time to go physical again!

Here’s a classy song from the late Amy Winehouse entitled “He Can Only Hold Her” to brighten up your last day of the weekend. Cheers! 😉

Okay, now to get rid of these body aches.

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