Love, Lessons, and Memories on a Long Weekend

This long weekend has been a fulfilling one. Spent the whole 4 days with the family. Saturday, was finally able to change the brake pads. The C-clamp worked like a charm. Dined out with the wife and lil kiddo, went inside this dinosaur themed playground inside Centrio Mall, and hung out at this coffee shop that served this really creamy pure hazelnut frappe which I dig very much.

Sunday, we woke up early and went on a road trip all the way to a Mangrove reserve and spent lunch time there. Wallowed a bit, but didn’t stay long since the water’s not that high. After that, we checked out this Forest park and saw that the waves are too strong. So we made a last stop at Lohas Airport Hotel. The pool’s nice (they have 10ft deep part), and the view is just lovely. I get to see the sea, cool breeze brushing through my face, vape in my hand, and the laughter and joy of my wife and kid—couldn’t trade that with anything else.

Monday, went to cemetery to visit our departed loved ones. Met two old women who recognized me from when I was still a little kid. And that felt really warm since I don’t have any grandparents left anymore. That’s as far as I get to be reminded of how it feels like to still have my grandparents around. After that, we ate at S & R and ended up bloated. Later in the afternoon, I visited an old friend—a vape juice maker. Literally an old expat who helped me a lot when I first started vaping. Listened to his story about his wife and the recent events that took place in his life. Learned a lot from having conversation with this guy all the time. Finished it off by buying juice, cottons, and some coils from him—leaving with smiles and promises that I’d still come back soon to remain as one of his loyal customers.

Tuesday, which is today, we went back to the Mangrove reserve with my wife’s family and spent time there. The water’s still low, but we still enjoyed the company—something that we rarely get to do nowadays that’s why me and my wife are still thankful. After that, my wife, our lil kiddo, and I spent the rest of the afternoon at Lohas Airport Hotel, and just enjoyed the last day of our long weekend there. This time, there were a lot of Koreans there which is kinda interesting to look at as they made the place lively.

While driving home, we thought of buying some fish at a wet market in Opol since we heard they sell fishes at a really affordable price compared with the city proper price. We got some Tilapia which we grilled later for dinner. Now I’m ending the long weekend with tea, and some old songs while I write down this blog.

It’s during these times when I get to be reminded why I toil day and night on all the other days of the year. And it’s times like these which remind me that all the work I did was worth it.

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