Today, I bought a new mouse. Rapoo 5GHz. I had some issues with my previous mouse. I’m hoping this one will finally be the one that works for me.

Bought this one because of the 5G feature. My other mouses are 2.4GHz, and I’ve had issues with one of them. Hopefully this one takes care of those previous issues.

Also bought a sunbreaker jacket. I’m not sure if I’m correct, but that’s what they call it. Oh yeah, forgot to mention—I’ve been on a jogging streak now for 2 weeks or so already. That’s the one reason why I bought the jacket. Lately, it has been raining early in the morning, so I had to use my old hoodie, which is heavy because it’s a thick one. And so I decided to look for one I could use for my runs. Even if it rains, I’ll still be able to jog with the jacket on.

Speaking of jogging, I’m pretty glad I’ve been running again. It’s one of those things that’s long overdue. I’m constantly getting bigger and heavier. And when I looked online, I’m way past the overweight line. Last I checked, I was 86 kg. And probably even heavier. Now that I’ve been running, my weight went down to 80.7 kg as of this morning. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks and months, I’ll finally get in shape. Then maybe I’d get to enjoy mall sales. 😀

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