Took a nap this noon. During the nap, I envisioned myself high up on some hill or mountain. Whenever I take these naps, I have full control over my thoughts or imaginations; but for some reason, I really don’t know why a collage of my life just flashed right back before me.

For the past few months, I have always avoided from thinking too deep into things. These stuff makes you grow old fast. Could be one of the reasons why I stopped writing for a couple of months. Writing isolates you from the world, taking you into a limbo of thoughts and emotions which when left to do so renders you into a hermit. I had my share of being one, and I decided to break that chain and see what life has got to offer me from the other trail.

The months of abstinence probably took its toll on me this noon.

This article was dated December 6, 2010 . . . I have no idea why I wrote this.

Confused Ladeh

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