The thing with having bandmates for a couple of years already is that everybody feels like being able to nail every gig. With one of my bands, that’s just the case. Yep, we feel like pros charging on gigs without a single rehearsal. And that is the truth. Don’t be fooled by our confidence. :Lol:

Here’s a video of one of our latest gigs at the new 99 Ranch location (the food here is good, by the way):

We’re able to pull off the songs somehow, I guess, and have fooled many people. Hah! But yes, it would be much better if we did practice. It’s different when you go in front confident that you’ll nail each song well.

So, yes, don’t be fooled by the feeling that everything’s going to be okay. We’ll never know that one of the members needed that 30 minute rehearsal. Just a friendly reminder from us. 😉


When you mix a culture and a subculture, the result is magical. Here’s a song I hear many times on the radio back in the 90’s:

Really good rendition. Now that’s the kind of song we ought to make once more these days.

Another work week comes. Work, then rest again 5 days after. Cheers! 😉

Saturday night is gig night! Hours before going on another weekend night booze along with music and stuff, and I remember these guys:

I don’t know what it is with these guys, but there was a time when I’ve been listening to their tracks nonstop. You could only imagine when I finally got to see them live on an exclusive gig here in the city.

Pupil Tix

Yup, 2 tix. Music, booze, and a date. Time to re-live those moments tonight with music, booze, and people at some local bar here in the city. 😉