One thing I re-learned this week–kicking negative stress out from your life. Never allow these stresses to penetrate your life. Not good in the long run. Hangout with positive people. They help out a lot.

In the end, you’re the only one who hold the key to your happiness. Nobody was born to pamper you your entire life. It’s best explained by this Cherokee proverb I found circling around social networking sites:

Cherokee Proverb

Cheers to your weekends! 😉

A friend of mine shared this photo to me just this week. Sleep. Click the photo. Any thoughts?

Meanwhile, it’s the weekend! So scrap that photo and let’s all lose sleep! ;]

*Source here.

Woke up late today, as usual. But at least today I slept. Every morning, the ones when you wake up from sleep and not the ones when you’ve been staring at the PC monitor all night doing work until that hint of light shows herself demurely from far across, gives you that feeling of renewal, or hope. The day sort of greets you with a smile (‘cept in special cases when somebody screws your whole morning, and eventually screws the whole day), and tells you, “Today is another day for you to make up for the shortcomings of yesterdays.”

So you guys grab a coffee, and (more…)