Song appreciation

When you mix a culture and a subculture, the result is magical. Here’s a song I hear many times on the radio back in the 90’s:

Really good rendition. Now that’s the kind of song we ought to make once more these days.

Another work week comes. Work, then rest again 5 days after. Cheers! 😉

I was about to go bed early, but then I thought of firing up the web for one quick glance at my e-mail–none, so far so good. Then I thought, just a few videos on Youtube, and I’ll be hitting the sheets. Then I came across this video:

I thought I’d never listen to another song from this band again. But then I just got curious since it says Tower of Doom. And for people familiar with the country’s music scene, they would know that this recording company has been producing a couple of quality videos and stuff  featuring some of the well known underground bands and artists/musicians from today and as far back as this production goes.

And so within those few seconds of realization, I came to click the video thumbnail–an action which would change my prejudice thoughts into thoughts of admiration. [continue…]

I got this song running over and over in my head for the past couple of hours. I just had to toss it out. It’s a song from The Itchyworms called Antipara. Pretty fun song. Easy on the ear, yet intricate enough for the ear to grasp every note on some parts of the song.

This goes out to all the people who wear glasses. :nod nod: 😉