Life is a blacksmith who strengthens you along with time. Cheers to those who keeps getting pounded–makes you stronger. Don’t give up and throw yourself in the furnace, though. Resist!

We will make a fine sword someday.

Black Smith

One thing I re-learned this week–kicking negative stress out from your life. Never allow these stresses to penetrate your life. Not good in the long run. Hangout with positive people. They help out a lot.

In the end, you’re the only one who hold the key to your happiness. Nobody was born to pamper you your entire life. It’s best explained by this Cherokee proverb I found circling around social networking sites:

Cherokee Proverb

Cheers to your weekends! 😉

I have a vision. I could see it!
The taste, the smell–it’s just around the proximity.
It’s something just within my grasp.
I reach out, I swear I could reach it!
The ball and chain of time is the only thing that keeps restrain.

But in time, we’ll get there–
Life’s legacy.

Climbing Summits