Daily Buzz

Earlier today, while I was going about with my daily routine, reading about stuff I could use to apply to some application system I’ve been working on for more than a month now, there was some woman just outside my window about the same age as mine shouting her guts out, scolding her kid who I think was about a year old. The child was for crissake too young to understand every goddamn thing she was swearing for a couple of minutes past. To my disgust, I fired up my volume enough to envelop the whole room and played this tune from Tool:

To my surprise, she shut her mouth. And so I gladly went on with my work. 😉

Here’s one really beautiful song I’ve been listening on repeat for the past couple of days. It’s one of those songs which makes you want to light a stick in front of an open window and just gaze at the vast space above be it daytime or nighttime.

Listening to it doesn’t have to involve anything romantic or whatever. I even barely try to understand the words. There’s just this chill feeling or atmosphere that the song draws out.

Here’s a song from Up Dharma Down entitled Tadhana:

Have a chill day. 😉

It’s a groovy Monday. The weekend was a big contribution to that. Watching that really lovely gig by Up Dharma Down made things all the more beautiful. It’s also one of those days I was able to wake up before 12. Haha.

This week’s gonna be busy. Looks like I’m gonna be back on stage after so long. Allow me to share a song that woke me up:

Enjoy the rest of the week you guys! Coffee? 😉