About the Author

The AuthorHi! My name is Marion Arciaga Go. And this is my personal blog. Everything here is written by me for the purpose of nothing more than writing. The opinions raised are of my own. If you feel like I said things wrong, feel free to comment—let’s discuss.

Why make this site?
Some people just have the inclination to pour down their thoughts on pen. As for me, I think a lot; I just had to put these thoughts somewhere.

Who am I and what do I do?
On weekdays, I’m a web developer. On weekends though, you’ll sometimes see me on gigs and stuff. I had a couple of bands on my belt. But then I just had to narrow them down to manage my time better. On a sidenote, we’re not the usual urban showbands. We make our own songs and play our own songs. Sometimes we do covers though for a reason or two.

So, what now?
Life’s still a long way for me. I meant to write down the thoughts and events that will happen as I embark on this journey.