It’s great to see some of your hometown friends doing great in other places. That could either be in terms of a good job, having a family, business, or what not. In this case, one of our friends has been making good music at the Bay Area, California.

Shaun / Joe / Nate Bay Area, CA True Grit Records

Joemar Calixto is known in the underground scene here in CdeO as the frontman of Story of My Scab (boys and girls who go to underground gigs around mid 2000 would know this band) and had been active in the city’s skate scene back in the days.

Eventually migrating to the U.S., Joe’s been active in the area’s music scene. And his most recent band Ordinary Neighbors just released a music video:

The song got stuck in my head for a couple of days now, along with all the other songs in their EP. Yup, they have EP’s.

If you’re interested, you could check out more of their songs at

Source: Music | Ordinary Neighbors

We got ourselves a lion! Okay it’s a Terrier—not so sure of the specific breed. It’s given to us by one of our good friends, Doc Francis (his girlfriend, Candice, to be exact). We love dogs ever since childhood. We have our own dog stories to tell, just like everybody else has their own dog stories to tell.


That’s Bailey. We named her after this fella down here:

The original Bailey

See the resemblance?

The thing about dogs is that they’re very loyal and affectionate creatures. We used to have rabbits, fishes, and a tarantula (which is still alive and spinning right now). But all they are are just decorative pets. We gave rabbits a try but all those poker faced fur-balls did was just hop around, drop wastes, urinate, and eat all your stuff—slippers, shoes, washing machine (yes, they were rabbits and not dinosaurs). Dogs on the other hand, they’re like humans with fur. After stressing out on work (my wife and I work at home), we go out and play with the little fella and it relieves us from the stress.

These canines are somehow taken for granted since we see them all around everyday, but after all the pets we’ve tried, these guys really lived up to their names as man’s best friend.

Elections here in the Philippines is coming close. You can smell it in the air. As usual, all these politicians come parading like a bunch of monkeys. Take for instance this guy below:

* VP Binay earned flak from netizens as he fed a child with his bare hand.

My apologies to all supporters of this candidate, but this does not help your candidate look good at all. I mean, look at the hand and the child’s face for crissake. I wanna see him do that everyday of his term for 6 years if he IS to become president of this country. Nope, no way you’re getting my vote. Not to mention all the controversies this guy is facing at the moment, and not showing up at any senate hearing regarding all those allegations? Boy oh boy, not my vote.

How ’bout you guys? Still voting for this clown?

Source: VIRAL: Binay feeds child by hand, earns flak from netizens – The DailyPedia